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Carpet flooring is a soft and comfortable alternative to other types of flooring. But not all carpets are the same, that is why we carry hundreds of name-brand carpets including manufacturers like Mohawk, Tigressa, Shaw, and StainMaster so you can rest easy when you put your feet on the ground.

Carpet Flooring Store Clearwater Florida

Carpet Flooring in ClearwaterThere is nothing like a plush carpet to sink your toes into after a long day. There’s just a soft, warm feeling that runs along your feet that makes it comfortable to go barefoot in your home. The many styles and colors are endless. Call or come in today to our carpet store located in Clearwater, Florida.

Quality Carpet Flooring in Clearwater, Fl.

Choosing carpet for your home requires decisions about color, style, texture and other factors. As you start to browse carpet types and narrow down your choices, you will be able to make many decisions by observing and touching our samples. But not all carpets are the same, so even if you have an idea of the style of carpet that you want for your home, you need to consider the quality of materials, the manufacturing process, carpet care and how it handles under daily wear. We can help with this. At Clearwater Flooring we make it easy to find quality, attractive carpets at affordable prices.

Carpet Installation Clearwater FL.

Whether it’s one room or the whole house, you want to make sure the carpet installation company you hire knows what their doing. At Clearwater Flooring we have not only been giving homeowners quality carpets at affordable prices for years, but we have been doing many of the carpet installations as well. Installing a carpet is the last phase of the buying process but it is also one of the most important. You want to make sure you have the right style and color of carpet for the room, have the proper padding and the right installers to perform the work.

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Glenn Hurt
Glenn Hurt
April 17, 2023.
Highly recommend this company to anyone looking for the best flooring experience. They are talented and experienced, great with custom orders, and the prices are incredible!
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson
March 26, 2023.
They are really good at what they do and are known for it. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs work done on their floors since the people who work there are so nice and friendly.
Adriana Thomas
Adriana Thomas
March 12, 2023.
Working with this business has been an absolute pleasure! The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, and they have some of the best prices in the area. They always go above and beyond to make sure that I'm happy with their work and products. They're truly one-of-a-kind when it comes to flooring services - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone!
Kristin Araujo
Kristin Araujo
February 25, 2023.
Recently had my flooring installed by this business and I am so impressed with the results. Their team was professional and friendly, they arrived on time and worked quickly to finish the job. They even took extra care to make sure everything was done to the highest standards. I'm so glad I chose this business for my flooring install, it looks amazing!
Jenny Nickols
Jenny Nickols
February 21, 2023.
They have a high level of competence and are known for their high level of proficiency in their profession. I would recommend this company to anybody who needs flooring work since the personnel is very kind and polite.
Luis Harris
Luis Harris
February 14, 2023.
I wish I had found this flooring ompany sooner. They are amazing, they did an amazing job, and they were quick and easy to work with. They also fixed my flooring issue right away & I couldn't be happier!
Carmella Ward
Carmella Ward
February 6, 2023.
For the flooring in my condo, I contacted the company. They did an excellent job; my new floor is spotless! They have my highest recommendation for anyone looking for excellent service.
Tyler Lara
Tyler Lara
December 23, 2022.
I've used this flooring business twice now, and both times I've been quite pleased with the outcome. Both the salesman and the installer were genuinely kind and did an excellent job at their jobs.
Eric Diggs
Eric Diggs
December 20, 2022.
This business's floor installation services are second to none. They get the task done efficiently and effectively at a reasonable cost.
Melissa Hargrove
Melissa Hargrove
December 19, 2022.
This has been a great experience for me. Their people and products are inexpensive, the services they offer are great at providing a quick response to repair floor that arise, and their work is of good quality.

Carpet Styles and Types

Like other flooring products like tile or vinyl flooring, there are so many different types of quality carpets one can choose for their home or business the choices are endless. Many popular styles and types of home carpet are:

  • Cut Pile: Cut pile carpets have fabric loops attached to the backing material that are cut, giving the carpet a plush look. Traditional carpet, frieze, shag carpets and similar styles are all cut pile.
  • Loop Pile: With this type of carpet, the loops of yarn on the backing are not cut, creating loops. Berber carpets are the most popular style of this type of carpet.
  • Patterned Loop: When loops on the backing material are not cut but are of different heights, you get a patterned loop carpet. The different heights are often used to create patterns.
  • Cut and Loop: Some carpets have both loops and cut loops, which can be fashioned to create geometric patterns for visual interest.
  • Smooth/Saxony: With this cut pile carpet, the loops are cut low and even, creating a smooth look.
  • Frieze: With plenty of texture, this carpet adds visual interest to any room with its twisted yarn, shaggy look. It does not show dirt easily, and this carpet can come in any color, including multiple shades in one carpet.
  • Berber: This low profile carpet stands up well to higher traffic and is popular for its flecks of color and thick yarn loops. Berber carpet offers a relaxed, casual look, as well as exceptional comfort.
  • Plush: The most traditional carpet type, this carpet features a level, smooth surface that makes it easy to vacuum. With a variety of colors and styles, texture carpet, as this style is sometimes known, works in most rooms.
  • Pattern: This carpet creates designs by using looped and cut carpet fibers. If you want a sophisticated look without a “busy” feel, pattern carpets are a choice to consider.

Some Tips For Having The Right Quality Carpet Installed In Your Home

  1. Consider the space your going to install the carpet in.
  2. Choose the right carpet padding.
  3. Think about a style or brand you feel would fit the room its going in.
  4. Know your budget and what the carpet and installation will cost.
  5. Always shop around and compare pricing.
  6. Know what carpet care is going to be involved for maintenance.
  7. Pick a carpet company you trust to install the carpet.